Today I made… Scotch eggs

30 January, 2012 § Leave a comment

Alright, it was actually the hubby who made it. But still, I helped with the salad 😉

It was good fun, simple to make and really satisfying – definitely a lot better than the shop bought ones (needless to say really). I’d recommend you give this a try. As a first time trial it took us almost two hours from start to finish but I’m sure you can make it quicker than that.

Check out the recipe on

The egg wasn't as runny as we'd like, but it was still soft and beautiful.


Today I made… Exploding Chocolate Gateau

19 January, 2012 § Leave a comment

It popped, it exploded, and it gave me a sore little head.

Heston Blumenthal has started a new TV series desmonstrating some of the recipes from his latest book. This week, the theme was the ever so seductive chocolate. So we thought we’d give the chocolate gateau a try, seeing as it looked easy to make and a lot of fun using popping candy.

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You’ll see the results below. We made extra chocolate ganache for truffles (it was divine!) but in hindsight, I would have put it into the gateau to give it more height and substance. That and probably use a smaller tin too.

Roasting the shortbread biscuits for the base of the gateau
Popping candy packed full of ‘crackle’
Shortbread base mixed with popping candy – it gets you when you least expect it!
Getting the base ready for the chocolate ganache
Et voila! The exploding chocolate gateau is ready to be served.

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