Banoffe pie, deconstructed

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Buttery biscuit base, toffee sauce, banana, whipped cream, toasted banana and caster sugar



A June evening in London

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Learning to see the world in new light, one photo at a time.

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Today I made… Scotch eggs

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Alright, it was actually the hubby who made it. But still, I helped with the salad 😉

It was good fun, simple to make and really satisfying – definitely a lot better than the shop bought ones (needless to say really). I’d recommend you give this a try. As a first time trial it took us almost two hours from start to finish but I’m sure you can make it quicker than that.

Check out the recipe on

The egg wasn't as runny as we'd like, but it was still soft and beautiful.

Today I made… Exploding Chocolate Gateau

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It popped, it exploded, and it gave me a sore little head.

Heston Blumenthal has started a new TV series desmonstrating some of the recipes from his latest book. This week, the theme was the ever so seductive chocolate. So we thought we’d give the chocolate gateau a try, seeing as it looked easy to make and a lot of fun using popping candy.

Check out the recipe on

You’ll see the results below. We made extra chocolate ganache for truffles (it was divine!) but in hindsight, I would have put it into the gateau to give it more height and substance. That and probably use a smaller tin too.

Roasting the shortbread biscuits for the base of the gateau
Popping candy packed full of ‘crackle’
Shortbread base mixed with popping candy – it gets you when you least expect it!
Getting the base ready for the chocolate ganache
Et voila! The exploding chocolate gateau is ready to be served.

Inspired by… fluffy white dog cupcakes

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Just been sent this ADORABLE photo from Ren.

Who needs snowman cupcakes this Christmas if you can make lots of fluffy white dogs and dot them around the dinner table!

Adorable cupcakes of fluffy white dogs

Inspired by… Advent calendar

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Christmas in our household ‘officially’ begins when the clocks change in October. We start baking Christmas cakes, mince pies and sipping mulled wine. But advent calendar still has to wait until December 1st.

Ever since I found a navity theme advent calendar from M&S for hubby Nick, which opens up in a 3D stable with chocolates hidden away on the rooftop, the challenge has been on each year to keep up with expectations.

This year, I’ve hunted high and low for inspirations but nothing seems to match up. Eventually I came across a few DIY suggestions on Pinterest and decided to make my own instead.

My DIY advent calendar filled with plenty of surprises!

To make your own, simply buy 25 little presents or individually wrapped chocolates, wrap them up in gift wrapping paper (or in my case, newspaper) and then number them 1 to 25.

And if you are looking for ideas, here are some really nice ones that I found on the high street.

M&S 24 Mini Advent Christmas Crackers with 3D Nativity Set (£20)

Hotel Chocolat Luxury Truffles to Share Christmas Advent Calendar (£25)

John Lewis Buttonbag Make Your Own Advent Calendar (£12.99)

Debenhams Advent Stocking Garland (£12.50)

Trafalgar Square

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A nice summer day deserves an ice-cream in Trafalgar Square.

We didn’t quite make it to the Häagen-Dazs boudoir but we did make it to the National Portrait Gallery for the BP Portrait Awards 2011 instead.

Louis Smith and Carmel Said’s Renaissance inspired “Holly” is my favourite (the judges gave it second place, after Wim Heldens’ “Distracted”). Standing in front of the huge, wall-size painting and looking at Holly reminiscing about her past, you feel an invitation for you to step through the gold frame into the caves and save her from her sorrows.© Louis Smith

What really strike me is how much digital photography has influenced (or destroyed) portrait painting. Many artists have taken photos of their models to study the colour and features. It’s obvious when that’s done; you can almost see each and every single pixel dots that the artist painstakingly copied onto the painting.

There is an uneasy feeling when you look at these ‘photocopied’ paintings. Partly because you think your eyes are playing up and you can’t tell whether it’s a digital photo print or an oil painting, but more so because the camera lens have created an additional barrier between you, the artist and the model. The connection is lost.

Inspired by the artworks and learning to take photos that would connect the viewer and the subject, here is a selection of my work.
I hope you like them!

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